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Helpful reviews & references

Nurul Hidayah Adilah from Kuala Lumpur
July 2021

Tidak kekok dgn bayi & kanak2. Rajin membantu mengemas juga. Felt like having...

Fatimah from Kuala Lumpur
June 2021

Besttt sangat jaga baby , manjaa haha 😂 senang bagi tidur 🥳 Lepastu tengok ba...

Fatimah from Kuala Lumpur
December 2020

Puan Fatimah is a very generous employer and extremely understanding. Working...

Hafizah from Kuala Lumpur
December 2020

I had hired Fiza for approximately 1 month. 3 days a week from 10am til 4pm....

Sabrina from Batu Feringgi
August 2019

Fantastic people, beautiful baby, so easy going and he was a dream to take ca...

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